Garden of Eden Ministries is comprised of several ministries to fulfill the Great Commission…

Adam Where Art Thou Ministry

God is calling ALL men to follow Him and be fishers of men. We are Men’s Ministry rooted in prayer and fellowship

Joseph Company Ministry

Everything we do is for the Glory of God. We are called to create wealth for the Kingdom of God. So whether you own a business or work in a company we are ALL ambassadors for Christ

Missions Ministry

We are charged to go and teach the nations of the Father’s love. We are to reach past our national borders and release God’s glory all over the earth

Orphans Ministry

The fatherless are crying out all over the nations to be reconnected to Abba Father. We reach out to those who have no mother or father to care for them and reconnect them back to the True and Living source, Jesus Christ.

Outreach Ministry

Through community gatherings, charity drives and other events we want to spread the Love of Christ in our neighborhood, our city and in Southeast Michigan. We are the light of the world and we want to bring hope and joy to those in need through service and generosity.

Peace of Jerusalem Ministry

Jerusalem is the apple of God’s eye. The Word of God says that we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and therfore make intercession on behalf of the people of Jerusalem

Prison Ministry

 Many brothers and sisters in correctional facilities are crying out for God’s love to reach them. We want to co-labor and partner with Holy Spirit to show Gods love

Senior Ministry

The elderly are looking for God’s love and comfort. We want to give reverence to the elderly poplution by visiting them and bringing them God’s joy

Student Ministry

 College students and grade school students alike are facing times of stress and anxiety. Students are looking for direction and hope. We want to shower school campuses with the love of the Father through outreach and service